Integrations That Make Your Work Easier

The ProValet app delivers a professional 'DONE FOR YOU' experience—after all, it's what you come to expect from a professional that works 24/7! 

Our app features industry-leading integrations designed to automate your field service business and make it easier to operate than ever before.


Simplify Your Bookkeeping With QuickBooks

ProValet’s one-step integration with accounting software QuickBooks streamlines and automates your invoicing, bookkeeping, payment tracking, and account management. 

With automated invoicing and reconciliation for every job, you won’t have to worry about taking up an entire weekend catching up on bookkeeping entries, finding hand-written reminders, or missing out on time with your family.

Generate Instant Automated Invoices

Sending and tracking invoices—not to mention payments—with paper envelopes and file folders leaves a lot up to chance when it comes to the financial future of your service business. There’s no way to guarantee your bill gets to the customer or that a check gets back to you. Why leave anything up to chance? 

With ProValet, your customers get their invoices automatically so you don’t have to worry about losing money or inconveniencing your customers.

man paying with a credit card

Contactless Payments

We know it’s important for you to give your customers the best service possible, and it’s equally important that you get paid for it. 

With our app, your customers make payments directly and securely right from their phones using the ProValet mobile app. They can even turn on our auto-payment feature to take all the thought out of the payment process. 

ProValet is integrated with Stripe, the world’s most secure and trusted payment platform that uses industry-leading encryption for the absolute best in cybersecurity. Plus, the app gives your customers the option to tip your technicians, boosting employee engagement and allowing them to be recognized for their hard work.


Integrated Messaging Between Your Company and Your Customers

Almost every customer of yours probably has notes on their unique preferences. Keeping those notes by hand is challenging on its own, and it can be even harder to find them after you write them down. 

With ProValet, your customers can request services, log notes, and attach images to their communication with you all inside the app. Your technicians can see all of this so that they can address issues in real-time or schedule a followup appointment. 

Plus, with the app’s automated notifications, your customers will know for certain that your company got the message, unlike with phone calls, voicemails, or emails. Imagine your reputation with such a responsive form of customer service — truly a business that cares!

Optimize Routes with Google Maps

Un-optimized routes lead to your technicians crisscrossing all over the community, which wastes time and fuel while increasing wear and tear. 

This is why ProValet integrates with Google Maps to ensure your technicians’ next appointments are scheduled in a way that makes logistical sense, allowing them to maximize the number of customers they can service on their route while arriving at appointments on time.

person looking at this phone

Comprehensive, User-Friendly Customer App

While ProValet is the one-stop shop for all your field service company’s internal needs, we know you wouldn’t be where you are without your customers.

ProValet features a customer-facing Homeowner App that is user-friendly and organizes all your customer’s appointments, service history, and Service Requests.

Customers can request service by clicking the Request Service button and adding a video, which lands on your dashboard in real time as an actionable service call ready for dispatch to the field or future scheduling.

Plus, Customers can view your service reports, review your service 1 to 5 stars, and pay invoices directly on the platform instead of needing to go to multiple sites.

This saves them time and money. And elevates your company above the competition by delivering the ONLY Homeowner app to your customers for better communication!

Ratings to Build Your Business

Customer feedback is essential to the success of your business, and word of mouth is the best way to attract new customers!

ProValet has its own internal rating platform to seamlessly present your customers an easy option to review your field service business and technicians.

Giving your customers an internal feedback loop is essential to improve your business, and retain more customers.

Manage like a pro with ProValet — the powerfully simple way to put more time and money back into your life.