GPS Tracking – Experience the Benefits Without Additional Costs or Equipment

Maximize Efficiency by Identifying Job Locations, Locating Technicians Closest to Your Jobs, Finding the Fastest Routes, and Managing Service Requests On the Go.


It’s hard to make the best use of the day when you don’t know where your team is located! The ProValet GPS feature lets you know exactly where each technician is at any given time, without the need for pagers or cumbersome equipment.

Full Visibility of Your Fleet & Field Service Management

GPS tracking allows you to see everyone’s location on your dashboard map. Knowing where they are is only the first step to planning their job queues. With integrated GPS, you can also:

  • See when they’ve signed in
  • Manage service requests from anywhere
  • Automate scheduling and dispatching
  • See the job progress for each service appointment
  • Communicate with your team
  • Be notified of updates and changes
  • Use the built-in GPS to optimize travel to service locations
  • Integrate with Google Maps

Track, Locate, and Dispatch Field Technicians Easily With Google Maps Integration

Our Field Technician app is integrated with Google Maps on any mobile device, iOS or Android. This allows you to improve efficiency while seeing real time data regarding:


The location of each job site on Google Maps

Image from the Edge

Tracking of technicians’ routes and availability


Job status progress reports and related notes