Using Technology to Improve Your Company Culture

Using Technology to Improve Your Company Culture

You’re the brain of your business, and the service you provide is the core. But what is the body? The answer is your employees. Your service technicians are your eyes and ears in the field. They’re the hands that complete the work. Most importantly, they’re the backbone, supporting the structure of the business from the ground up. That’s why promoting a positive company culture is absolutely vital. Here are a few ways you can improve company culture and morale using modern technology, such as the ProValet service app.


More Free Time

We designed the ProValet app specifically to help route service companies thrive. A considerable part of this is giving your technicians the freedom they need to navigate their routes effectively. With our intuitive GPS system, your service technicians don’t even need to come to the office before starting their day. They’ll only need to open the ProValet app, check their day’s route, and head to the first stop. This means they’ll waste less time commuting to the office, giving them more time for their personal lives, which generally results in happier workers overall.

Higher Pay

Faster route navigation means your technicians and your company as a whole will have more significant potential to add more clients to their routes. More work volume means higher revenue for your company, which lends itself to pay increases and other incentives. This will allow your technicians to do more with the time they’re not at work, allowing them to relax and decompress properly. Overworked and underpaid employees are stressed, and bad stress inhibits production. Implementing an intuitive technology solution like ProValet will help alleviate some of the burdens, making them happier to call your business home.

Less Headache

Pen and paper invoicing, physical maps, and manual calculating are all things of the past once you introduce the ProValet app into your business model. Instead of keeping up with dozens of documents, tediously plotting routes, and taking payments by hand or calling in cards, the ProValet keeps it all in the intuitive app. There’s no headache of keeping up with extra materials, and the platform is user-friendly for you, your techs, and your clients. Ease of use will help prevent client confusion and miscommunications, both of which can be significant stressors in your technicians’ daily work. 

Easy Communication

Speaking of miscommunication, the ProValet app gives you get real-time updates of customer questions and concerns, meaning you’ll be roped in immediately when issues come up. For new and experienced employees alike, customer questions or concerns will come up that they’re not properly equipped to deal with. That’s why the thorough service note and feedback system are so useful. You can look at the notes and comments at their source, so you’re not trying to get the entire story from a confused employee or customer. This communication improvement will help build trust between you and your technicians and give them the tools they need to adapt to various situations. 


An outdated work style is a surefire way to hinder employee morale and productivity. However, there are tools out there to help you streamline your business and make your employees’ lives easier. Using the ProValet app, you’ll give them the freedom to work better schedules and the ability to help the company improve through a comprehensive communication system. Plus, the growth potential the technology will provide means potentially higher pay all-around and more opportunities for them to flourish. You’ve worked hard to build your service company, and you’re proud of it. Make sure your technicians are proud to be a part of your business family as well with the reliable ProValet app. Contact the ProValet team today to schedule your free demo with one of our certified app experts!