Provalet.IO Founder Peter Wasmer explains how his automated service management platform streamlines communication, scheduling, invoicing for pool service companies on Software Spotlight podcast.

ProValet Founder Peter Wasmer Discusses Revolutionizing Pool Service Industry Efficiency

ProValet Founder Peter Wasmer Discusses Revolutionizing Pool Service Industry Efficiency

Pure Coastal Technologies Founder and CEO Peter Wasmer recently appeared as a guest on the Software Spotlight podcast to discuss ProValet, the company’s automated service management platform for pool service businesses.

Revolutionizing the Pool Service Industry

On the show, Wasmer explained how his lifelong entrepreneurial drive led him to transform the pool service industry with ProValet.IO. After poor experiences trying to contact his own pool service provider, Wasmer realized there must be a better way to run these operations.

He set out to create a complete automation system to eliminate friction points like scheduling, invoicing, and customer communication. The result is ProValet – an end-to-end platform featuring apps connecting field technicians, business owners, and homeowners.

Streamlining Pool Service from “Desk to Deck”

Most pool service companies still rely on antiquated manual processes that are inefficient and fragmented. As Wasmer explains, “The day starts very early with a paper binder that has the route. They tear out a sheet for the tech with their jobs for the day.”

Technicians track services by hand, then office workers enter the data or try to piece together some form of digital system. Invoicing happens sporadically, requiring another round of manual work.

ProValet automates these pain points:

– Automated scheduling & dispatching

– Mobile field tech app logs services in real-time

– Streamlined invoicing with instant payments

– Enhanced customer communication

The platform handles critical operations so owners can grow their business instead of administrative tasks. It also leverages data and analytics for smarter decisions.

“We streamlined pool service businesses from desk to deck,” says Wasmer.

Convenience for Homeowners

ProValet also improves the homeowner experience with instant access to pool service details. The customer app provides alerts when service begins/ends, digital copies of reports, and the ability to rate technicians.

Customers can easily request repairs or service through the app, creating an “Uber-like experience for old-fashioned service businesses,” as Wasmer explains.

Integrations and Getting Started

The platform integrates with solutions like QuickBooks that pool companies already use. ProValet starts at $149/month including one admin user and one technician. Listen to the fullSoftware Spotlight interview to learn more about the origins of ProValet and how it revolutionizes efficiency for pool service businesses.

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