Get Out of Your Truck and Into the Driver Seat

Get Out of Your Truck and Into the Driver Seat

Owning a service business is hard work, especially when starting up. Most owners begin by driving routes themselves to complete services. This is great for building an initial rapport with clients and setting up a constant workflow for your business. Still, eventually, there will come the point where your business needs to grow, and that involves taking you out of the service truck and putting you into the true driver’s seat of your business. Here’s how you can transition out of the day-to-day service grind and start directing your business from the top using dedicated service industry technology created by ProValet.


Man Your Command Center

The ProValet manager app puts control of your company in the palm of your hand — literally! You can communicate with both your technicians and your customers through the scheduling and dispatch features. This means in-person meetings will be less necessary for routine function, and you can directly access the information you need to run your business with just a couple of clicks. It gives your technicians the autonomy they need to get started every day without even coming to the office, meaning they’ll be more productive, and you can manage with a bird’s eye view.


Convenient Integrations

The ProValet app makes integrating financial information a breeze. Its two-way compatibility with QuickBooks means you’ll see your important accounting figures in one place without having to hop back and forth between platforms. There are also easy payment integrations available that will make payments a breeze for clients. You’ll spend less time hunting down unpaid invoices since clients can pay quickly at the time of service. Plus, their invoices are automatically generated and delivered, so you don’t even have to worry about old-school snail mail. 


Intuitive GPS Function

The intelligent GPS software available in the ProValet app serves two functions. The first function is for your technicians. The ProValet GPS technology helps them easily plan and optimize their routes in a fraction of the time it would take them to do with a map or other navigating programs. The second function is for you. You’ll be able to track your individual technicians’ progress throughout the day. You’ll see when they’re ahead, on schedule, or falling behind so that you can hop on any problems or capitalize on opportunities as you see them. 


The days of pen and paper accounting, complicated programming, and necessary micromanagement are over. Using the forward-thinking technology created by ProValet, you can start growing your service business into something greater than you thought possible. The features and interface are user-friendly enough that you could begin transitioning your team into the new system today with minimal headache. Plus, with the support you’ll receive from the ProValet experts, you’ll have the confidence to use the app to its fullest potential. Ready to start leveling up your service business? Schedule your ProValet demo today!