Does Your Company Have a Compelling Mission Statement?

Does Your Company Have a Compelling Mission Statement?

According to the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, a mission statement is a brief, yet comprehensive description of an organization’s purpose and reason for existing. It provides the context for all other statements issued by the company.


A compelling mission statement can help your company achieve its goals by providing a clear vision for the future and inspiring employees and customers to work together towards common objectives. Mission statements are also used to inform stakeholders about an organization’s direction. A well-crafted statement can inspire employees and customers alike, help to set the tone for the company’s culture, and guide every business decision made by the organization.


If you’re looking to create or update your mission statement, there are five key components to keep in mind as the basis for crafting a compelling mission statement — focus, clarity, brevity, timelessness, and consistency.

Focus – Every word of the mission statement must have meaning. Everything in it pertains to the company’s reason for being and should be written with finality.

Clarity – Be direct and precise when you write your mission statement. Brevity is best so that every word pertains to your business ideals.

Brevity – It needs to be long enough to cover the subject but short enough to be interesting.

Timelessness – A good mission statement isn’t tied to a specific time, place, or person. It is intended to remain relevant for many years in the future.

Consistency – Your business’s mission statement must be consistent across all platforms. Prominently post it on your website and in other public areas where customers may find it to make sure it matches your practices.


When crafting your mission statement, it’s important to be sure that the statement is focused—that every word in the statement supports its central theme. The mission statement should never change or become outdated; it embodies your company for life. A timeless mission gives you a powerful tool to use when evaluating whether changes will help you grow and develop as an organization.


Ensure that your mission statement is clear and concise so that employees and customers alike can easily understand it, rather than having to interpret what the company means. Finally, a well-crafted mission statement should be consistent in every area of your organization; everything from marketing materials to corporate values to customer service should align with and support the theme and message of your mission statement.


When crafting a mission statement, you may want to refer back to the company vision and values that you created during the visioning process. This way, employees will have an understanding of where the company started so they can better see how far it has come. It’s also important to review any other documents or feedback collected during this process. This can help you determine if any changes need to be made so that the mission statement clearly reflects the company’s vision and values.


Mission statements are more than just mindless corporate jargon; they encompass everything your organization does daily. They define your company’s goals, its focus, and why you do what you do.

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