Benefits of GPS Tracking for your Pool Service Business

Benefits of GPS Tracking for your Pool Service Business

When running a pool service business where your technicians – and property – are spread across town, how can you keep track of your workers? What if you need to change a route for better optimization? Utilizing GPS tracking capabilities for your pool service business is the solution for these operational questions and more.

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What is GPS Tracking?

GPS, or Global Positioning Satellite, is a modern telematics system that uses a transmitter and a network of satellites to track the position of an object. Today, GPS tracking and other telematics solutions have become an indispensable part of everyday life—both for individuals and businesses.

Modern GPS tracking hardware and service vehicle tracking software solutions have a variety of capabilities that help service managers and companies reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve safety. Many industries leverage GPS tracking capabilities for a variety of tasks, ranging from construction companies to field service businesses.

How GPS Tracking Works

GPS trackers connect to a series of satellites to determine the unit’s specific location. The tracker uses a process called trilateration which uses the position of three or more satellites from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network and their distance from them to determine latitude, longitude, elevation, and time.

Knowing these factors at any given time for your pool service vehicles can provide you with a better understanding of your overall operations.

GPS Tracking for Service Companies

Why Does GPS Tracking and Route Optimization Matter?

By being able to access and monitor these types of data gathered from a GPS tracking system, you can identify and address any inefficiencies within your pool service business. This empowers you to accurately plan for the future and gain greater visibility of your overall operations.

Top Benefits of GPS Tracking for Running your Pool Service Business

Implementing a GPS tracking component to your pool service business operations can provide many great benefits, including:

Increased Accountability

Regardless of how much you trust your technicians, GPS tracking is a great tool to have. By implementing GPS time-tracking, you can track your employees’ locations and their hours throughout the day, thus boosting employee accountability.

Your technicians in the field have a lot of autonomy compared to workers in an office, and when you hand over the keys to a company vehicle, you’re trusting that the driver will do their best to stay on-task at all times when on the clock. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for a technician in the field to get distracted once they’re out of direct supervision.

Whether the pool technician is making side trips off their assigned route to take care of personal chores, or doing other work off the books, the time they spend on these detours is costing you fuel, time, and money. GPS tracking devices help keep drivers on-task by giving you a tool that can spot when a driver goes off-route or loiters in one area too long. With this information, you can reach out to drivers and put them back on task.

Improved Transparency

A time tracking software – as incorporated with GPS tracking technology – empowers your pool technicians to track their own hours – the clocking in and clocking out process can often serve as a reminder to focus on the job at hand. Additionally, employees are aware that they are paid accurately and fairly. This helps your technicians feel more engaged at work, which boosts their productivity.

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Better Route Optimization

Utilizing the ability to track your vehicles – and other expensive assets – in real-time is an incredible advantage for running an efficient pool service business. GPS tracking enables you to know where your vehicles are at any time, whether they are on schedule, and if they are on their assigned route; this all helps to keep your operations as streamlined as possible.

Whether you handle commercial, residential, or a combination of both types of clients, you need to be efficient in establishing routes that maximize your pool service business. A set route can help you manage your daily scheduling to help best utilize your employees and their time.

You can’t predict the exact amount of time you are going to spend at a property for a cleaning, so it’s important to make sure both travel time and overhead charges, such as gas, for your vehicle aren’t wasted crisscrossing your service area.

Real-time Coordination

With GPS time tracking you are always aware of the real-time locations of your pool technicians during work hours. Since GPS tracking gives you a birds-eye view of where your employees are, you can easily keep track of various job sites as well as relocate resources based on proximity. This ensures your customers are appropriately serviced and keeps your team of pool service technicians adaptable to new requests or customer opportunities.

Reduced Paperwork

Real-time GPS with ProValet shows the exact times for the commencement of service appointments and completion times. This provides reassurance and another layer of authentication of services performed to customers and business owners alike.

Plus, with ProValet, there aren’t any extra contracts or paperwork required to utilize GPS tracking! This saves you from the additional headache that comes with hidden fees or extensive terms and conditions; ProValet includes it all.

Experience the Benefits of GPS Tracking Yourself with ProValet!

Are you swamped by the day-to-day tasks in the pool business? Do you want to build relationships with your clients? Do you want to have seamless efficiency and communication between all your employees and their tasks?

ProValet is your solution! With this easy-to-use management platform, all of your routine manual tasks between you, your technician, and your homeowners are automated for one seamless, efficient solution for optimal communication, transparency, and customer service. With our management app – featuring GPS tracking capabilities – you can track your team’s progress, respond to and invoice customers, and schedule out services while receiving updates in real-time! It’s time to ditch pen and paper in order to embrace modern management. Contact us today to learn more!

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