5 Reasons Companies Use Pool Service Software to Grow Their Business

5 Reasons Companies Use Pool Service Software to Grow Their Business

It seems more and more aspects of our daily life are incorporating technology into them – and for good reason. Technological solutions to common, frustrating problems can put more time and money back in your pocket, especially in terms of running your business.

If you’re not sure about considering a software solution for your pool service business, let’s walk through the benefits together.

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The Current Pool Service Industry Outlook

The swimming pool cleaning services industry is valued around $6 billion in the U.S., with nearly 80,000 businesses nationwide. Between 2016 and 2021, the field grew nearly 7% – and in the year 2021 alone it has grown 3.3%, so this industry is indicating promising growth for the future ahead.

To improve pool services, companies are investing in software that is specifically designed to help them grow their pool service company.

What Is Pool Service Management Software?


Pool service management software is just that – software that helps you manage your pool service company. In other words, it’s a technological solution, typically implemented on a desktop and mobile app interface, to many of the pain points you might experience along the way of running a pool service business.

Friction in communication between you and your technicians, chasing after paper invoices, and less-than-optimal service routes are all too common issues in the pool service industry, but utilizing an efficient and effective pool service management software solution can solve them!

5 Reasons Your Company Should Consider Pool Service Software

Consider implementing a pool service software solution when you want to do the following for your business:

1. Improve Communication Between Customers & Field Service Technicians

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for your pool service business, and miscommunications between your customers and your technicians hinder that happiness. Pool service software can streamline these communications so your technicians never miss a customer request again!

Maintaining a system of tracking notes, requests, and general contact in one place means you don’t have to worry about following up on email threads, mountains of paperwork, and random sticky notes.

You don’t want to make mistakes or suffer miscommunications between your customers, technicians, or dispatch since that could damage your reputation and result in upset customers.

2. Optimize Routes with GPS Tracking

Your service technicians have to go out into the community in order to service pools – how much additional cost is that adding to your pool service company’s bottom line?

Optimizing routes with GPS tracking is one of the top benefits of utilizing pool service management software. Creating fuel-efficient routes for your technicians not only helps the environment, it also reduces the wear-and-tear costs on your vehicles, enables you to schedule servicings more efficiently, and helps you plan for the week’s calls. It doesn’t make sense to criss-cross all over town with service routes when there’s an easier solution.

3. Streamline Your Billing Process for Paperless Payment Processing

As with any business, you don’t want to make it hard for your customers to pay you for the fantastic service you deliver to them. Pool service management software can streamline your billing process with paperless payment processing.

By implementing easy-to-use software that can process payments securely and quickly, your customers don’t have to worry about owing your business money for days after being serviced since they’ll have the ability to pay almost immediately.

Plus, with a built-in feature for tips to technicians, your star employees can make extra money by being rewarded for their hard work. Not to mention the time and money you’ll save by not having to send out multiple invoices, go to the post office, or worry if money got lost in the mail.

4. Automate Daily Tasks for Greater Efficiency

Instead of spending extra time approving invoices or reviewing technician schedules, pool service management software can automate these daily tasks for you. You already have so much on your plate when it comes to running your pool service company – it’s time to let technology handle some of the work.

By making the most use of your time addressing matters that actually necessitate your attention rather than on mindless paperwork or coordinating schedules, your pool service business can run more efficiently and produce greater results!

5. Provide Customer Info in Real Time to Your Team’s Mobile Devices

Are your pool technicians coming into the office every morning before setting off on their routes for the day for the sole purpose of learning what their routes look like?

Save them and yourself time by utilizing pool service management software that can be accessed and updated in real-time to let them know where to go from start to finish.

This is another important problem that technology can alleviate for your pool service business since knowing and optimizing routes is critical for your technicians to be successful. Plus, your techs can manage each individual customer’s profile and requests from their mobile devices instead of going into the office to track down a paper file on their routes.

Reach Out to ProValet to Shape Your Pool Service Company for the Future!

With ProValet’s easy-to-use management platform, all of your routine manual tasks between you, your technician, and your homeowners are automated for one seamless, efficient solution for optimal communication, transparency, and customer service.

With our management app – featuring GPS tracking capabilities – you can track your team’s progress, respond to and invoice customers, and schedule out services while receiving updates in real-time! It’s time to ditch pen and paper in order to embrace modern management. Contact us today to learn more!