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Lawn Care management & Scheduling Software

We help Lawn Care Professionals increase profits, drive efficiency, and delight Customers and Field Teams with real time automated communications with our Lawn Care Scheduling app!

Easily see the status of every job, any time you want

Easily see the status of every job, any time you want

Knowing where your landscapers or lawn care workers are is easy with the ProValet Lawn Care Scheduling app. Whether they have an iOS or Android device, the integrated GPS shows their location in real-time. Locating them is just the start. The app gives your staff the ability to enter:

  • Any extra services performed like tree-trimming
  • A record of the appointment details and materials used
  • Pictures and video to document work performed

Even the lack of cell service won’t stop the Lawn Care Scheduling app. Our offline capability is an industry-leading feature.

If being able to record all services, have a comprehensive view of every account, and be able to give your clients accurate estimates sounds like it’s unreachable, it’s not. You can do all this and more.

ProValet - it just works.

Manage Your Lawn Care Scheduling With Real-Time Information

What if you could put control of your company in the palm of your hand? ProValet makes that possible and lets you spend less time doing repetitive administrative tasks that pull you away from the part of your job that you enjoy.

Lawn care services are often regularly scheduled appointments. Having a predictable schedule is great, but we know life can change our plans at any time. Worker call-outs, equipment trouble or weather are just a few of the things that can pop up in the day and turn the schedule into a scramble.

Imagine being able to know instantly where the nearest landscape crew is located to cover a scheduled appointment or respond to an emergency request from a valued customer? The ProValet Lawn Care Scheduling app lets you do exactly that.

  • Automated scheduling and dispatching. Get back your time consuming administrative tasks
  • Tracking your staff on their routes and adjust their appointments as needed
  • Visualize planning using Google Maps

Deliver Faster Service With GPS Tracking

Adding GPS tracking doesn’t require any additional equipment or costs. Simply sign up for ProValet, and you’ll have access to it. You’ll be able to dispatch your technician closest to a client who needs your immediate services.





Send schedules, changes and appointment information directly to your lawn care staff in real-time clearly and accurately. No misunderstood addresses over the phone or radio.



Sales and field personnel can upload their data in real-time with the app instead of pen and paper forms. Easy to use for everyone. Instantly sync job details into your system and on the schedule.



Set up those recurring jobs with automated payments. Invoices for additional services are generated automatically and payments can be processed instantly.



Knowing where your team is not only manages work, but it manages liability as well. Our map integration saves your workers time.



No more chasing down paperwork and digging for forgotten forms. Easy-to-read exportable reports are at your fingertips. Measure productivity and track workflow with ease.

Quickbooks Online


Technology should work for you, not the other way around. Our app integrates with QuickBooks Online, Google Maps and Stripe. Navigate, accept payment and record it all in one place. Fewer steps, less stress for you and your valuable customers.