They Don’t Teach This in Business School – A Podcast Interview with Peter Wasmer

They Don’t Teach This in Business School – A Podcast Interview with Peter Wasmer

Welcome back to “They Don’t Teach This in Business School” with your award-winning host, Julie Bee! Today’s episode is a masterclass in resilience and wisdom as Julie sits down with Peter Wasmer, the visionary CEO of Pure Coastal Technologies.

Julie dives deep into Peter’s entrepreneurial journey and taps into his insights on overcoming the paralyzing fear of failure when launching a business. Peter’s advice is a beacon of clarity: “Sometimes the best way to know if something’s going to work is to test it out.” He emphasizes the importance of embracing trial and error, acknowledging that unexpected challenges are part of the wild journey of entrepreneurship. Peter also shares the invaluable lesson of paying attention to gut instincts, as they often hold the keys to success.

As the conversation unfolds, Peter opens up about the pressing issue of burnout among business owners. He sheds light on the staggering statistic that 42% of business owners experience burnout, underlining the significance of self-care and faith in something greater than oneself. Peter’s words resonate deeply: “Having faith at any level in something bigger than you goes a long way for mitigating burnout.”

Tune in to this inspiring episode and discover how defining your strengths can be a transformative process on your entrepreneurial path. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that’s bound to empower your journey in business ownership!

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